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Today we got our housing email. I’ll be living in the perfect area, with a roommate I will soon befriend, and a whole city at my feet. What could be better?

On the home front, however, I am beginning to lose it. Literally, figuratively–all of the above. Literally, I have lost my little white “Bible” of a handbook. Although a new one is being sent to me, it seems like weeks have passed since I read the first half, and I am starting to lose my overloaded memory as well…

Figuratively, of course, there is the loss you start to feel when you have to pull away from your current life in transition to your other life. Anyone who lives in two different places or has a long distance relationship of any kind can understand this–it’s like the physical separation between places carries over into different mentalities in different places. During the transition period, when it is just me without a particular environment to call home, is when I feel the most whole and independent, but also the most lonely. As I prepare to transition into a new place and mentality, I am beginning to feel that loneliness once more.

Overall, I am still SO EXCITED TO BE GOING TO COPENHAGEN!! It’s like a dream, that I can’t seem to wake up from. Soon, it will become an actual, bonafide reality!!


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I'm a girl on the move! finding myself in Copenhagen this semester...following my heart to harmony and happiness.

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