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My Favorite Place (so far)

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I know it’s too early to tell, but I may have found my favorite place.

Today, Mia and I took some time to explore by ourselves. There are always so many friendly people to meet and sights to see, and school is about to start, so we know we are about to get busy! That said, we took some time to recharge with each other.

Although I went to Nyhavn yesterday, it was a little cloudy then, and we were in a hurry. I decided to lead Mia back there today. That’s the area of Copenhagen where there are man-made canals, and also the natural harbor that surrounds most of the city. Nyhavn means New Harbor, but it’s actually a couple hundred years old. Its center is the buildings on each side of the canal. Interestingly, the side that gets more sun now has upscale restaurants and shops, while the other side is mostly expensive housing. While mostly tourists hang out there, classy Danes also make their appearance. Overall, the views are breathtaking, and the atmosphere is bright and relaxed. (Of course, Mia has all the good photos. I’ll get them!) It reminded me of Martha’s Vineyard and Block Island (favorite places of mine).

It’s so nice to find a place where I can have that connection to the sea, but still be ten minutes from my apartment in the city!

We also came across the trampolines that are along the canal. People just jump all over them.

Mia jumping on the random trampolines!

Then, we went to the Copenhagen Sand Sculpture Festival! (google it, the links won’t post to here 😦 !!) They wanted 60 DKK for entry, but there was no one around, sooooo… we took matters into our own hands. Once we got in, we took some pictures for everyone to admire. The craftsmanship is absolutely amazing.

This is the view from outside the fence.

some info about the sand sculptures

the atmosphere

Me & Mia in front of a HUGE sculpture!

train going up a mountain

choo choo train!! (this one’s for you, Henry)

Some sculptures with the Opera House

My throne.

My favorite sculpture.

with the Opera House

close-up of the detailed craftsmanship

While we were walking around, we found our friends Alia, Kelsey, and Kalli! They were looking for a place to study outside in the sun. Copenhagen has an abundance of those. We got some Thai Food for 49 DKK and I saved half of it for tomorrow. Trying to keep it cheap here, people. Bonding over lunch was so much fun as well!

So that was my day! It’s definitely time for homework now, time to buckle down and begin the school aspect of this trip. Soon, you will hear about my courses, especially the Psychology program which is one of the reasons I chose to come all the way to DIS!

Loving this city, especially Nyhavn.


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