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The Past Few Days: Adjusting and Admiring

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Yesterday, part of our DIS orientation was to take a walk around Copenhagen and find particular locations. While this would teach us to navigate the city (which it is nearly impossible to remain lost in for long), we would also be picking up some knowledge about the city’s historical and contemporary offerings. As overwhelming as orientation has been so far, it has also been informative, so this was a good way to get out of our seats and do some experiential learning (like DIS is so renowned for!).

Here are some of the sights that we saw:

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After that, my friend Adriana (not like you, though, Bitty) and I went grocery shopping! I spent 143 DKK, which is roughly $24. Bargain shopping at it’s finest!

My grocery bag full of Danish groceries


Check out the labels and packaging… The square carton is “Pizza Sauce” !!

Mia and I made our first dinner together in Copenhagen! Eggs with zucchini and a baked potato, yumm!

Once all that was over, Mia and I went back to her room to do some homework. You see, we got assigned a whole bunch of summer reading when we first got here, but then exploring happened………

Needless to say, no book has yet been opened. And classes start tomorrow! Then, we met some people. Instead of doing homework, we ended up socializing on the bridge (remember my first night?) and going clubbing with almost all of DIS student body! (Can’t show any pictures of that here, but trust me, it was fun.)

Check this out. Danes just gather around a big set of speakers and jam.

Aimee, Mia, & Me

Dorothy & one of the SRA’s, Miriam! (she’s an awesome Dane)

really bad picture, just look at the size of this speaker set.

The group of us that came back together. Courtney, Callie, Me, Alia, & Jack

So that was the first day and night!


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