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Those Quirky Danes…

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I’m sure there will be many posts like this, but here’s a start of some of the quirky things that Danish culture has brought to my attention.

This is my dinner last night. The weird thing is, that potato is MASSIVE and so are the carrots! Baby carrots do not exist in Denmark!! Since I live off baby carrots in the States, this was a big shocker to me. (I know it was for you, too, Xtina) Also, it was like 9:30 PM here before I felt like eating, and was too lazy to cook/season… microwave potatoes are my new go-to.

This is one of the many staircases at one of our classroom buildings at DIS. The stairs here are steep, narrow, and windy. Some spiral staircases are majestic, while others are just too steep and crowded to be practical.


Mia and I bought school supplies today. First of all, folders in Denmark look nothing like folders in the States. I didn’t even buy any because they have flaps and rubber bands instead of pockets–too overwhelming. Instead, we got this binder with multiple tabs to put all our papers into, BUT CHECK THIS OUT! Four rings! And a two-hole punch! They only ever come in two or four, never three. How strange a thing to change!

In the next four months, I expect to notice many other unlikely differences from American culture. This proves that they can come from any area of life, even where I didn’t expect them.



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I'm a girl on the move! finding myself in Copenhagen this semester...following my heart to harmony and happiness.

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  1. Love you, sounds like a great time XOXOXOXO

  2. Back to reality tomorrow, well actually thurs. When do your classes start? Glad you are exploring. I’ll have to share with Maghini as she wants to travel there next year.

    Love ya, miss ya


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