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Taking A Minute: The Two Week Check-in

I know I haven’t mentioned classes yet, but don’t worry everyone, I have been attending! You’re probably wondering how I have been spending my time now that I have “settled in” (which, in a place this interesting, is actually impossible). My typical class week looks something like this.


Wake up at 9, go for a run through city center and around the lakes.

Women, Art, & Identity class 11:40-1:00 with Mia. Neither one of us is an art history person, but the promise of museum visits drew me in.

Danish Language & Culture class 1:15-2:35 The teacher’s name is JC, and he’s a big mushy Dane. Definitely have no idea what he’s saying half the time, but he’s cute about it.

Scandinavian Crime Fiction class 2:50-16:10 with Mia. This class is like Sherlock Holmes, but modern. This may be my favorite class. It is so interesting!


Positive Psychology class 8:30-9:50 This is my Core Course, which means that my Study Tours are with this class. This week, we are spending 3 days and 2 nights travelling Denmark, and in October, we will spend a whole week in Milan, Italy!!

Between this and my next class, Vince and I usually explore, frolic, or go to the Glass Market to sample creations and people watch.

Applied Psychology class 1:15-2:35 with Aimee, a new friend! This is where we learn therapeutic techniques and practice. Definitely second favorite.


This is when Field Studies take place. Each class has two field studies per semester, which are trips to museums, guest lectures, or other non-classroom enrichment activities. This “experiential learning” approach attracted me to DIS!

Other than those times when we are required to meet with classes for field studies, Wednesdays are free!


See Monday


See Tuesday


When I am not in class, I have been biking around Copenhagen to find sights like the Church of Our Savior, and less-touristy alcoves, like the beach. Going for runs around the city is also great fun, because I always get lost, and am guaranteed some solitary reflective time, which I love. Each week, I try to find a café or two that I like. Of course, people pepper my time. I have met more friends here than I could have hoped for, from everywhere.

Between all this, the talk of the town right now is planning trips during our two weeks of travel breaks. So far, I have booked tickets to Stockholm, Sweden, for a weekend. Meeting Marissa and Dee in Barcelona, Spain and traveling with them to London, England will take up part of a non-travel week for Mia and I, but it is well worth it to see those two! I have also gotten tickets to Athens, Greece, for $65!!! Still in the works are trips to Rome, Paris… and who knows where else! More to come.

So, this is my life. I never could have imagined this.


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I'm a girl on the move! finding myself in Copenhagen this semester...following my heart to harmony and happiness.

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