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Busy Girl, Many Cities!

I’m feeling off my mojo right now, not sure why… could be that I’m trying to write a paper when all I want to do is play around Copenhagen! My morning run did not really help, so I thought I would organize and upload my travel calendar to give myself a nice pat on the back for planning it with a budget. And, just so everyone knows, I am not travelling alone. I HAVE FRIENDS HERE! There’s another pat on the back… I’m feeling better already.


Sept. 6-8: Short Study Tour to Western Denmark (Odense & Aarhus)

Sept. 14-16: Stockholm, Sweden

Sept. 29-Oct 7: first “travel break” Athens, Greece; Rome, Italy; Milan, Italy

Oct. 12-17: meeting Dee & Marissa in Barcelona, Spain; London, England

Oct. 20-28: Long Study Tour to Milan, Italy

Nov. 3: Sensation White

Nov. 10-18: second “travel break” Dublin, Ireland; Edinburgh, Scotland; Paris, France; Nice, France

Nov. 23-25: cruise to Oslo, Norway

Dec. 1: possible trip to Lubeck, Germany for Christmas markets

Dec. 8-9: possible trip to Amsterdam, Holland

Dec. 15: flight to NORTHFORD, CT!!! (possible day trip to Villanova University may be in the making, sorry Mom)


TOTAL AWE I FEEL: unmeasurable. 


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I'm a girl on the move! finding myself in Copenhagen this semester...following my heart to harmony and happiness.

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