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Aros in Pictures

Group shot in the Rainbow Room

dual colors

Nedi, Rachel, & I

That’s Daniella way down there… just so you have some scale!

The Rainbow from across the circle

From the roof below the Rainbow

painting from the inside of a hurricane

fuzzy rain cloud sculpture

urban piece

BEES up close!

inside Aros

Tony Matelli… genius

Tony in meat

Tony in meat decayed

Tony in veggies

Tony’s comment on materialist consumerism. Poor monkey!

True Love is unscathed on these poor deteriorating people. They have each other!

A Human Echo exhibit by Tony Matelli

This is a room in Hell where you feel like you’re about to fall off a balcony, all because of mirrors!


I honestly thought this was a person pretending to be a statue, but it’s a real statue!

Aros from outside. Rainbow Room is on top!


About bribogue

I'm a girl on the move! finding myself in Copenhagen this semester...following my heart to harmony and happiness.

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