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  1. Briana, this is a note I sent your Mom. “OMG I read Briana’s blog. It brought tears to my eyes and could barely contain myself when I read the dedication.  You and Mark have great kids and I am especially proud of my God Daughter.”

    We all miss and love you!!! Enjoy the experience.

    Uncle Eddy & the gang

  2. This is amazing bri! I love what u wrote, this inspired me so much. U have a blessing to be able to write with that much enthusiasm and expression. I love you and miss you! Keep up the good work:)!
    Love Cassandra

  3. I’m so glad you know us all so well…’re right ; ) we are cheering you on from the bleachers here in far off CT. No more NBHS bleachers : ) who would’ve thought you’d come this far?????? ME!
    Love you

  4. This is amazing, Bri!! I’m sure you’ll make loads of friends and have incredible experiences. Keep it up (I’ll be reading!) ❤


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