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Art Museums & Bike Tours

By now I have visited more art museums than ever in my life. I am officially the SuperTourist. Every Wednesday, we have Field Studies for our classes (sometimes multiple trips in a day, for up to five hours each!) which have provided me with free guided access to museums and attractions all over Denmark.

Between my Short Study Tour in Western Denmark (Odense, Skanderborg, & Aarhus), and Field Studies for my classes, I have visited the Nationalmusset, Aros, Statens, and Danish Design Museum. With my Living & Learning Community, we did a 10 mile bike tour of Copenhagen’s architectural sites. We have also seen the Red Square, Round Tower (right down the block from our house!) and the Church of Our Savior. Then of course there’s the Glass Market, Torvehallerne, which feels more like home than a tourist attraction.

If you’re overwhelmed, imagine my thought when I looked at my calendar for tomorrow. Positive Psychology guest lecture, Scandinavian Crime Fiction walking tour of Copenhagen, and a five hour visit to the Louisiana with my LLC.

Just to catch you up, here are some pictures of my favorite things at the Design Museum… which focused on innovative clothing and furniture design. Since mixed media/applied art is my favorite kind, the Design Museum was especially intriguing for me. My favorite part was a dress made out of straws!

The butt-breaking bike tour was another must-see, so I took some pictures to show everyone the gist of what we saw. Of course, no photo can do justice to the atmosphere these buildings create. The city of Copenhagen, with its mix of old and new architecture, canals, and windmills, is so amazing that mere pictures cannot possibly contain it. You’ll just have to come here and see for yourself.

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