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Cities are like college.

Think of the sound of a college party raging in somebody’s house. There are people spilling up from the basement and out the back door of the house, music bumpin, and bottles poppin. The atmosphere is colorful and lively, until about 4 AM when it’s finally time to stumble on back to whichever neighboring house you live in.

Well folks, welcome to the general atmosphere outside my window. It’s almost 1 AM, on a Wednesday, and I have a test in the morning, so I am a bit perturbed. This is nothing new for me as my dorm hallway last year was frequently plagued by drunken girls scream-gossiping in the halls and frat guys pulling the fire alarm at 3 AM.

Regardless, in case you were wondering what it’s like to live in such a prime location in Copenhagen’s city center, this is it–party city. At least, Wednesday through Sunday!

Goodnight, to all my readers. Wish me luck falling asleep!


About bribogue

I'm a girl on the move! finding myself in Copenhagen this semester...following my heart to harmony and happiness.

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  1. Sounds like FUN!!! Remember how you’d always complain, “there’s nothing to do in cow town”! Enjoy!


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