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Arrival in Greek Paradise

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Greece. I am still in denial that I went to Greece. How could a little lady like me make it all the way to that beautiful place they show on the Travel Channel?

When we first arrived, I was nearly knocked over by the warm night air that greeted me. Immediately, I was thankful that I had ignored everyone’s advice about the revolutionaries, and purchased the cheap flight. Mia knew someone from high school studying in Athens, where we were staying. How bad could it be?

As soon as we stepped off the metro into our home base of Monastiraki Square, I knew we picked the right place. The square was alive with heat, people, music, and vendors.

If you look to the middle of the skyline in this photo, you will see a bright square in the center on top of the hill. That square, and everything¬†illuminated¬†around it, is the famous Acropolis. History aside (saving that for later), the Acropolis was on a hill significantly higher than any other point in Athens, making it a great navigation tool and an even better picture challenge. See how many of my photos contain the Acropolis!! It’s like my own little I Spy book, just for you readers.

Like I said, when we got to Monastiraki, it was a perfect night, and we were fresh off a plane (and metro). Almost giddy with excitement, we dropped our bags off at the Pella In Hotel, where we stayed. From our balcony, you can see our view of the street and, of course, the omniscient Acropolis.

Naturally, the next thing we did was locate food. We got the native Greek gyros, “with everything.” On the right below, Mia, Aimee, and I are about to dig in.

I look even better by myself. In that glorious pita is pork (which I usually hate), tomato, red onion, french fries (ha!) and the world’s best tzatziki. Heaven. We ate these cheap little beauties once a day while we were in Greece!

(I have accepted the fact that sometimes the bet pictures are not the most flattering.)

Smart travelers that we are, we all stayed in the same room. That’s Dylan, Ben, Aimee, me, Casey, and Mia. Until a few days before departure, when Kris joined our crew… and had to sleep in the room next door. We would lock everyone’s luggage in the room. Although we did not bring any valuable jewelry or anything like that, it is better safe than sorry. It’s not smart to walk around a city with too much cash or your passport, so some of us hid some cash in our socks and left our passports in the safe behind the Pella Inn desk, where there was 24 hour service.

Walking around the streets immediately surrounding Monastiraki, we found some homemade goods and jewelry for sale, yummy-looking restaurants, and a generally lively city. When we all went to bed, we could barely sleep from our excitement for the coming days…


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