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Much Needed Beach Day

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You all know I love the beach. Since it’s been cold in Copenhagen, and I have been busy with school (believe it or not), I have not made it down to Amager or even the harbor. Regretably.

Naturally, being in Greece, it made sense to take a ferry to an island close by and see what the hype is all about. Well, folks, I have to be honest… it was amazing.

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Of course, one beach day is never enough, but the rest of our trip was waiting, so we had to go back to Athens. Although I did contemplate skipping out on another day of sightseeing and go back…


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I'm a girl on the move! finding myself in Copenhagen this semester...following my heart to harmony and happiness.

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  1. This place is soooooo beautiful… I just want to cry! Happy for you : ) I know how much you love the beach, just like yo mama!

  2. Ι spend all my summers Aegina 🙂 I hope you had great time there 🙂


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