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Proud to be an American Abroad

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My floormates and I stayed up all night to watch this election progress. It’s 6:30 AM in Denmark, and we have been watching CNN (the only English election coverage) since 10 PM last night. All our mattresses are in the living room, candles have been burning, and the energy drinks are within reach. It’s been stressful and hygge at the same time, but we have finally reached the conclusion. OBAMA 2012!!

It was a tough race, and although I got what I wanted, I understand America’s frustration. I only ask that you please remember how lucky you are to live in a country where you have the right to participate. If we are going to move forward from here, as Americans, we need to come together and support one another. Work hard for what you deserve, but don’t turn your back on your brothers and sisters who need you. The only way we can fix the problems in America is to act like Americans, not selfish individuals who feel exempt from the issues. We are all in this together, and I look forward to spending the next four years graduating college and sorting out the path of my adult life along with all the other young Americans who voted in this election. It’s uncertain for me, too, but I have faith in the American democracy and the good people in this country. From Denmark, as always, I am proud to be an American. Congratulations, America. We did it!


The Election Party!


LOL at this tidbit. We did get a little rowdy on Facebook and Twitter tonight:

With the social victories including marriage equality and abortion, this is a historic night for gay rights and women! And this is only the beginning!!

Much love.


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  1. It’s a good night here in the USA it’s almost midnight where I am and we’re still waiting for both parties to make their speeches! Yay Obama!


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