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Eight Days of Denmark

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I want you all to know, St. Augustine is my boy.

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Nine Days of Denmark

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I’ve decided that for the next nine days, I’ll post a quote that exemplifies part of my study abroad mindset. Tonight, I have a simple one for you, reflecting how difficult it was for me to embark on this journey, and how fruitful has been through its completion (almost). So happy I took the risk!



Much love.

Quote of the Semester

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A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh alot, and realize how blessed you are.

I am really loving Thought Catalog right now. If you’re at all into reading blogs, this is one you MUST follow! There is something for everyone of every age and interest. Right now, I’m off to go live in my 20’s.


Time seriously needs to slow down. It’s 3 AM here in Copenhagen, and I’m starting to think that I’ll be sleeping a bit less in these last 17 (technically 16 now!) days abroad. 

In a sudden burst of energy, I finished my presentation and two of my final papers today! This ridiculous burst of motivation and energy usually happens to me once a semester, so I guess this was my one turbo-charged school day. Combined with my arts and crafts day yesterday, my obligations for the semester have been trimmed down to ONE remaining paper and ONE remaining final exam!! I couldn’t feel more accomplished.

Why, then, should I quit sleeping?! The answer is obvious: TIME IS RUNNING OUT!! Although I am getting excited to see my family and friends back home, I still feel like there is so much love I have yet to express to Copenhagen. More pictures need to be taken, more sights seen, more windows shopped. Even if I was here for a year, I probably wouldn’t do it all. While that is the amazing part of living in such a dynamic and beautiful city, the truth is, I’m a little bummed that I won’t be able to feel like “I came, I saw, I conquered.” 

In the end, I know that I will have made the best of my study abroad experience. Especially now, since much of my To Do List has been accomplished, I have room for more fun stuff!

Look out Copenhagen, here I come! (again, and probably not for the final time in my life, either)

Much love.

Oh, that travel bug.

This Morning I WAS Sad.

This morning I was sad. 

Sleeping was not an option because of the jackhammering outside my window from 7:45 on. So I had to think of a new diversion. The gym worked wonders, but I still felt something missing. 

Then I remembered, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, all the amazing people in my life. Starting with yesterday on my Facebook, I looked back on ALL the pictures at the great fun I was having with great people. This semester, summertime, sophomore year, the holidays–all the time I’ve been smiling my head off, having a grand old time.

That’s when I decided, even though I miss home, I’m going to make these last 25 days the most fun days of the semester! (This will require that I bang out my bigscaryresearch papers and study smart for finals, but who says I can’t do that?) Tomorrow is “Thanksgiving.” I’ve got an art project in the making for an exhibition with my Learning Community. The streets are starting to look like Christmas. Hell, I’m doing just fine!

So now that I’ve given you a look into my mentality for today, I hope you will have a similarly uplifting experience today. Look around you, and think of something to appreciate. Laugh about a silly memory. Then, get up and go make another one!

Much love. 

Adopted in Italy!

I am here to say that Mia’s parents are pretty much the most generous and also spontaneous people I have ever had the good fortune to know.
Since there is no way for you to have expected the turn of events I am about to inform you of, I’ll save you the agony of guessing. You all know that I had planned to spend the final 33 days of the semester in Copenhagen, including this week which is the final designated travel week for students. With no classes and hardly any students staying in Copenhagen, I had myself convinced that I would be fine alone. I could probably hang out with whoever was taking a day to repack between destinations and celebrate my RA Louise’s birthday next weekend. Maybe some solitude could do me some good!
By Saturday, mostly everyone had cleared out and I was already feeling lonely. With my recent bought of homesickness not far behind me and Seasonal Affective Disorder hovering above me, I am at a precarious emotional state. Maybe being alone is not actually the best idea… Luckily, Mia’s parents arrived on Saturday to visit Copenhagen before scooping up Mia for a fairytale vacation to the Italian countryside and Rome. On Saturday, I spent the day with them pursuing the city I love so much, enjoying the company of Mia and her parents. It was such a relief to be with actual American parents, a luxury I will never again take for granted (remember that, Mom and Dad). I honestly felt like Mia’s adopted sister!
To make things even more perfect, Andrea and Paul and Mia invited me to Italy with them!
So here I am, sitting in a castle bedroom with Mia, waiting to share this week with some more wonderful people in my life. I swear I am continuously the luckiest girl in the world.
Much love.



I love my Mamma!

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