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Quote of the Semester

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A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh alot, and realize how blessed you are.


What I Learned Today

I just got home from a 2.5 hour field study for Positive Psychology. A man named Alex came to our class and gave an interactive lecture on the concept of happiness at work, for which the Scandinavian languages actually have a word: Arbejdslaede. Through all the facts and activities and mounds of suggestions for what to look for in a workplace, I couldn’t help but take with me two messages.

First, it is not success, but the path to success, that will make us happy. My favorite Aerosmith song uses, “Life’s a journey, not a destination”  to express this point. Today, we saw a quick, cute, funny video on the subject (click here to watch it) called Music & Life, by Alan Watts. The point: Don’t bother chasing success, because when you finally get there, your success won’t replace the thirty years you spent missing out on everything else in life.

Second, I learned that the most important things that make you happy at work are results and relationships. All my TLCC ladies know that I take my workplace relationships seriously, because they make me look forward to coming to work and spending time with the friends I have made there. My precious nuggets are constantly on my mind, too, because of the relationship I share with each of them. And the best part is, when I got to that point with them, where they would smile and laugh just because I was there–for me, those were my results.

It’s amazing that what this speaker was saying actually applied to my life. And how much it made me miss my nuggets and my main ladies at TLCC. Until then…

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